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Embroider sweater with name or logo - How to do it!

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Embroider sweater with name or logo

How to have a sweater embroidered

Sweater embroidery consists of several stages of development. The first step is an analysis. Here, our trained staff examines whether your logo can be implemented through embroidery. This mainly involves looking at the small, intricate details of your logo or design.

If your logo is possible as embroidery, an individual embroidery program will be created for it. This embroidery program is sent directly to our manufactory, where it is prepared for the final embroidery.

Subsequently, the processing of a single sweater takes place. This will then be sent to you - if you wish - as a sample. An alternative is that our employees send you detailed photos, which can be used to check in "authenticity quality" whether your wishes have been fulfilled.

After positive feedback, the rest of the order will be produced.

You want to have sweaters embroidered with name or logo - What you need to do?
Not much, because we take care of almost everything for you. Place your order at EmbroideryManufactory and we will take care of the best possible result.

If you want to have your sweater embroidered, all you have to do is tell us your desired design, your desired textile and the position & size of the stick. Subsequently, you will receive feedback from us as soon as possible. Here you will receive information about the price, duration and transport of your order.
Sweater embroidered with name
General information about embroidering sweaters with name or logo:
  • Depending on the size and design, sweater embroidery is done in our manufactory for a quantity of 10 textiles or more.
  • You are welcome to receive a sample of your sweater.
  • You can also have your own already purchased textiles embroidered at the EmbroideryManufactory .
  • As the optimal position of your desired name or logo we recommend the front (chest), back (back) and occasionally the position on the sleeves.
  • No matter if club, institution or private person. We embroider for everyone with the same effort and quality.
  • If you are not yet 100 percent clear about your design, we or our design request department will be happy to help you.
  • Please feel free to inquire about your order, then we can inform you directly about the costs incurred.

The perfect promotional gift - have sweaters embroidered

logo on hoodie
The EmbroideryManufactory has distinguished itself for years with professional embroidery and friendly, quick-response customer service. Thinking about giving your employees a company logo hoodie as a Christmas gift or or outfitting your daughter's kindergarten class? For this we are the perfect contact.

Because with us it is not only possible to embroider a name or logo on textiles. We also have a huge selection of fashionable garments. In our "World of Sweaters" you will regularly find new, high-quality merchandise. There is something for every man, woman or child. Click here for the overview. 
The conclusion: Sweaters with name or logo embroidery is worth it
Whether as a direct embroidery or as an embroidered patch. Have your sweater embroidered and individualize her outfit. Cool, casual and still inexpensive. The EmbroideryManufactory takes care of your request and your wishes. Speaking of wishes: The embroidery of textiles is perfect as a gift idea. Whether for large or small, as a sponsorship for the soccer club of your children or the kindergarten your grandchildren.