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Design your own jackets

This is how you turn a simple jacket into a true statement piece. Whether it's a multi-coloured print on the back or a patch on the chest. There are many different ways to design a jacket yourself. Not only as promotional textiles, but also as leisure wear, a self-designed jacket makes quite an impression.
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Design jackets yourself: These are your advantages!

Unification through promotional textiles

The point of standardisation refers to various aspects. On the one hand, the focus is of course on the commercial background. A jacket designed by you can have a massive effect on customers as an advertising textile. Worn by employees, it represents your company to the outside world and leaves a good impression on customers. On the other hand, it is of course about the point of unity. Whether at a trade fair or at a team-building event. The first step to strengthen a feeling of togetherness is to feel like a unit. Uniform clothing can provide the first impetus.

From Basic to Special

Who can claim to have designed a jacket themselves? No matter if it is in a commercial context or in a private setting. You decide on the cut of the jacket, the colours and even the colour of the thread for an embroidery. That's why a normal softshell jacket can quickly become an absolute eye-catcher.
A print with different colours or an embroidery with high quality threads will definitely attract attention. Whether as a promotional textile or as a gift for your loved ones, it doesn't matter here!

Design a jacket yourself? Here's how!

Jacket screenshot

Select model

Should it be a softshell jacket or a fluffy fleece jacket? No matter what you are looking for, we have something for you!

  • Choose your product
  • then select the colour
  • then also select the size
  • and the type of finishing

Position of your logo

Select Logo Position
Jacket Order Screenshot

Place an order for your jacket

This step is kept as simple and uncomplicated as possible. After all, you want to get started right away! Once you have entered all your details, placed your logo and attached it as a vector file to your enquiry, you have placed your order. We will then immediately take care of implementing all your wishes!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about designing jackets yourself