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Design your own T-shirts

Design a T-shirt yourself? Is that even possible? Of course it is! At EmbroideryManufactory you can easily have a T-shirt embroidered or printed with your design. Whether it's a promotional textile or a gift for friends and family.
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Stefanie Pfanzelt
Employee at EmbroideryManufactory and your contact for customised clothing, caps and much more.

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Design your own T-shirts: These are your advantages!

Advertising effect

A T-shirt with your logo is quickly printed or embroidered and, above all, not difficult to design yourself. It can serve as an excellent customer gift or represent your company to the outside world when worn by your staff.


A specially designed shirt not only brings variety into the monotonous wardrobe, but can also simply look cool. Sometimes a T-shirt doesn't have to do much more than look good. Thanks to high-quality printing and embroidery processes, this is also very easy for you personally.


The guarantee of good quality is definitely essential here at EmbroideryManufactory . Not only is attention paid to the quality of the textiles themselves, but also to the excellent quality of the print or stick on the T-shirt itself.

How to design your own T-shirt

T Shirt Screenshot

Select model

Whatever your heart desires, we have something suitable for you. It's not just the large selection of cuts that is convincing here. No, you will also be a variety of colours will hopefully impress you.

Here are some examples of our favourite shirts


Position of your logo

Select Logo Position
T Shirt Order Screenshot

Place order

This step is kept as simple and uncomplicated as possible. You simply send us an enquiry with the respective products, their sizes and their colours. All you need to do is add your logo in vector form to the attachment and your order is placed.

FAQ - Everything about designing your own T-shirts