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Design your own caps

Have cap embroidered
Designing your own caps has never been easier. No matter which cap it is, the EmbroideryManufactory can print or embroider it for you. And you can design your own logo. This turns boring promotional textiles into real eye-catchers!
Any questions? We are happy to help!
Stefanie Pfanzelt
Employee at EmbroideryManufactory and your contact for customised clothing, caps and much more.

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Designing caps: These are the advantages

Advertising effect

A printed or embroidered cap is ideal for use as promotional textiles. Whether at a career fair or as a gift for long-time customers. Thanks to high-quality embroidery, your logo will be directly identifiable.


Thanks to a wide range of colours, it's super easy to match your cap to your company's logo. This ensures not only the uniformity of the caps among themselves, but also the coordination with your corporate design. This also makes it easy and, above all, useful to use as an advertising style.

Sense of belonging

Nothing brings people together more than knowing that they are one unit. This sense of togetherness strengthens your company internally and also representatively to the outside world.

How to design your cap as a promotional textile

Caps Screenshot

Select model

Thanks to a wide variety of different models that come in the most colour variations, you can make a well thought-out decision. well thought-out decision.
These are some of our models that you can have individually embroidered or printed.

The following should be noted here: You can have all caps printed or embroidered. printed or embroidered. Only the 6 panel caps are embroidery, as the seam in the middle of the frontal view would the centre of the front view would interrupt printing.


Positioning of the logo

Regardless of the cap model, the front, both sides and the back can be embroidered or printed.

If you would like a special production of your cap, this is no problem for EmbroideryManufactory . You can read about the possibilities of a special production here .
Select Logo Position
Caps Order Screenshot

Order your self-designed caps now

Your order can easily be placed via the EmbroideryManufactory website. You can simply send us an enquiry with your logo attached and you're ready to go. It is also possible to contact us by phone to clarify any questions. If you would like a sample of your customised caps before placing a larger order, this is no problem at all.

We will be happy to advise you before you place your order. Thanks to many years of experience and the corresponding technical know-how, we immediately recognise whether printing or embroidery makes more sense.
Release order
This is about the release on the customer side, as well as the release of the EmbroideryManufactory.

Our task here is to inform you in good time whether your logo in this format is also suitable for printing or embroidering your self-designed cap. If this is the case, we will be happy to send you a sample product. If you like this sample product, let us know and your order will be officially placed.

The most important questions about self-designed caps & promotional textiles

How long does it take to get my designed cap delivered?

The delivery time depends on the payment method and your personal order. But as a rule, you should expect about 3-4 weeks.
However, should there be an emergency, we will do our utmost to help you as quickly as possible.

How much does a self-designed cap cost?

Unfortunately, a blanket statement cannot be made for this. The cost of your self-designed cap depends on the type of cap, your logo and your order quantity.

Can I design the details of the cap myself?