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Beanie style guide - the right way to wear Beanie

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As headwear, the beanie is one of the functional and at the same time fashionable clothing accessories. Mostly made of industrially knitted cotton fabric or warming fleece, beanies are most comparable in shape to a bobble hat. The most obvious difference here is the absence of the typical pom-pom or tassel.

Table of contents

  • Where does the term "beanie" come from?
  • Origin of the trendy Beanie
  • Curious trend from the 20th century
  • What are the different types of beanie?
  • Material and workmanship determine the style
  • Beanies only for winter?
  • How do you wear a beanie?
  • Hair open or not?
  • Which outfit goes with the beanie?
  • Choose the right colour and pattern
  • Are there any current trends in style?
  • Who wears beanies?

Where does the term "beanie" come from?

You can easily combine polo shirts with all kinds of trousers. Jeans, light chinos and shorts are good for a casual look. As always, the general guidelines for a stylish design apply here. No mix of patterns for shirts and trousers, no bright colours for trousers and outerwear. You are always on the safe side with a plain-coloured polo shirt. Classic colours like black or white can be combined in many ways.

Origin of the trendy Beanie

Beanies were originally worn only by men. As a functional piece of clothing, the headgear used to serve purely practical purposes. They were intended to prevent hair from slipping down into the face during work. That is why these Beanies were mainly worn by workers. The precursors of beanies were also known as sun protection. These early models were equipped with a kind of umbrella. Similar in form and function to a baseball cap, the practical Beanies are therefore considered to be the forerunners of the world-famous sports caps.

Curious trend from the 20th century

Do you know propeller beanies? This quirky fashion trend was very popular among North American kids and teenagers in the mid-20th century. The beaniecopter was a colorful, tight-fitting Beanie, which was equipped with a kind of propeller on top. How could anyone come up with such an idea? The creator of the beaniecopter fashion is considered to be the well-known science fiction author Ray Nelson. In his books, he justifies his claim to immortality with the propeller beanie, which rotates forever somewhere in the galaxy.

What are the different types of beanie?

A common form of trendy headwear is the fold-over version. Here you can wear the model with brim tightly on the head or create a loose casual look with a lot of air upwards. The Beanies without a brim can also be worn in a variety of ways. Either pulled far down and enclosing the head, or slightly upwards - many wearers have developed their very own style. A special form are the so-called long beanies - extra long cut models that fall down to the neck. And even if classic beanies are rather plain in shape - there are labels that score with extras. There you will find fancy models that are decorated with color-contrasting pompons. This is not a classic beanie? What is allowed is what pleases.
beanie style guide

Material and workmanship determine the style

In addition to skin-friendly knitted cotton, beanies are available on the market in a variety of materials. Warming fleece is definitely one of them, but you will also find wool or acrylic among the materials used. The casual Beanies beanies made of soft cashmere blend - cashmere is the precious hair of the cashmere goat - have a particularly noble effect. Effects in the surface design are provided by the processing of the yarns used. Large-scale weave structures or different knitting patterns determine the pattern and the effects created with it.

Beanies only for winter?

Of course, beanies are first and foremost one thing - Beanies. And that's it with the practical aspect. As a warming headgear for the colder season, beanies keep head and ears warm. But even in winter, the fashionable touch counts. And therefore you can wear the trendy fashion even in warmer temperatures. For an airy style on summer evenings, however, the light version is more suitable. Coarse knitwear made of wool is not only much too warm on the head, it also doesn't really look good when the thermometer climbs. A tip for all seasons: Do not choose models that contain more than 40 percent acrylic or any other synthetic fabric. This mix of materials encourages heat buildup. You sweat on your head and are still not protected from the cold. In addition to an uncomfortable feeling when worn, these models can also easily cause hair knots due to the heat.

How do you wear a beanie?

Beanies have long been a classic in the headwear category. With a few small tips, you can no longer go wrong when wearing this perennial favorite. In general, the following applies: Especially with the longer cut models, the Beanie must sit loosely on the head. The ideal fit is one that is flush with the ears at the bottom and leaves enough room at the top. As a variation, you can roll up the brim slightly and/or pull the model slightly into the forehead area. A no-go is in any case the too tight tightening - a beanie must always look as casual as possible. So never press around the head!

Hair open or not?

Especially in the winter months, hair is quickly stressed by cold and heat changes indoors. Beanies adorn the head without elaborate styling. For the perfect look, the hair should be worn loose. The fringes should be slightly pulled into the forehead. Long-haired women wear the trendy beanie in style with a braid that sticks out to the side and should be loosely braided. A chignon worn casually at the top also goes well with the typical style of the beanie.

Which outfit goes with the beanie?

Trendsetters worldwide show the way - there are hardly any limits to the diversity of wearing beanies. The style mix of wide and tight garments fits particularly well. Slim jeans, a loose-fitting coat with a shirt, and a casual beanie. In general, if you want to add casual elements to your look, beanies almost always fit the bill. However, at least one item of clothing should be from the unconventional category. The trendy headwear does not go well with classic outfits such as suits, elegant coats or suits.

Choose the right colour and pattern

Contrasts are allowed when choosing a matching colour outfit. But please don't mix them too wildly! If the outfit is a single colour, then beanies with a mix of patterns are also suitable. And vice versa. The general rule is: if you have large patterns or bright colours, there should be no more than one eye-catching piece - otherwise the look will look too restless and unharmonious. Opinions differ on the logo. Many models are available with a sewn-on designer logo. It's a fashion statement if the outfit is combined in the right way. Trendsetters wear models with individual logos. This can be your favourite game or symbols and lettering from films and television. A touch of individuality always goes well with casually worn headwear.

Are there any current trends in style?

Beanies are timeless, current trends are determined by fit, colour and pattern choice. And now there can be more. Especially trendy are the casual XXL beanies. Cut normally at the forehead, these models are particularly large and wide at the top. This makes the face look more delicate and hides the natural shape of the head. If you like, you can now also combine more boldly in terms of pattern and colour choice. The oversized models with folded edges always look casual and cool.

Who wears beanies?

The snowboard and skater scene has shown the way. Even among rappers, the beanie is still a popular fashion accessory. In the meantime, the former niche trend from streetwear has long since arrived in the fashion world. The good thing about beanies is that they can be worn and combined in so many different ways. Hollywood's elite swear by the trendy headwear, as do fashion-conscious women and men all over the world. And with an almost unlimited choice of colours, shapes and materials, you're sure to find your personal favourite. With the right styling tips, this look is a sure thing.

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